MPREIS Introduces New Heat Pump and Electrolysis Integration for Emission-Free Heating

MPREIS continues its decarbonization efforts with a new heat pump at its Völs site, built by EQUANS Kältetechnik GmbH. This pump offers a 1,500 kW heat output and saves 2.47 million kg of CO2 annually. In addition to the waste heat from the refrigeration system, heat from electrolysis can also be integrated and elevated to the district heating temperature level. The generated heat will be supplied emission-free to TIGAS-Wärme Tirol GmbH‘s district heating network, capable of heating 1,600 households.

The 3-megawatt alkaline pressure electrolysis system at the MPREIS site was developed, built, and officially put into operation on March 2, 2023, as part of the MPREIS Hydrogen Project. This project is supported by the EU Project Demo4Grid and the Austrian R&D flagship project WIVA P&G HyWest. The Demo4Grid project aims to regulate the TIWAG power grid and produce green hydrogen as the basis for an MPREIS hydrogen business case and the development of the green hydrogen economy in Central Europe. This initiative has been systematically developed at the HyWest Research Laboratory since 2016 and driven forward by the privately initiated Codex Partnership of the Green Energy Center Europe.