HyWest Consortium – Bundled competence for a green future with hydrogen

The new founded HyWest Consortium in Innsbruck ties the competence of the strategy and project development company FEN-Systems from Tyrol and the hydrogen research centre HyCentA from Graz. HyWest is a part and a next step of the 2016 founded Green Energy Center Europe in Innsbruck, which is a private initiative for building the bridge into a green future. Together with the Codex Partners of the Green Energy Center Europe the new consortium supports future-orientated hydrogen projects  and is focused on three strategic topics for building the bridge into a green hydrogen future:

  • Green hydrogen
  • Hydrogen regions
  • Hydrogen families

The main projects which are under construction right now:

  • Hydrogen highways, Munic Verona, Innsbruck-Linz-Vienna-Graz (private intitiative based on EU project “HyFive”)
  • Demonstration for grid services, greening of industry with green hydrogen (EU project “Demo4Grid”)
  • Green Hydrogen for Mpreis Tyrol and Europe (businessplan project based on EU Project “Demo4Grid”))
  • Hydrogen Railway, power train for narrow-gauge railways (research project “HyTrain”)
  • Zillertalbahn 2020+, energy autonomous with hydrogen (businessplan project submitted for funding)
  • Hydrogen Truck, power train for heavy duty vehicles  (national funded research project “HyTruck”)
  • Friendly user hydrogen families with Hyundai Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (businessplan projects)