MPreis will convert its entire truck fleet to Fuel Cell Electric Trucks

The Tyrolean supermarket chain MPreis (MPreis Warenvertriebs GmbH / Völs) plans to convert its entire truck fleet from currently 42 diesel vehicles to Hyundal’s fuel cell trucks. The required hydrogen will be produced at the site in Völs by means of alkaline pressure electrolysis. With the construction of the required facilities to be started in 2019. “We want to start a trial operation with 3 trucks in the second quarter of 2020,” says Ewald Perwög, responsible for Sustainable Energy Solutions at MPreis. “By 2027, we want to retrofit the entire fleet step by step.” It will be mainly 26-ton trucks with a hydrogen consumption of 8.25 kg/100 km and a range of about 400 km. (source Autoinformation Hyundai)


Hyundai Fuel Cell Electric Trucks for projects of the Green Energy Center Europe